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Personal & Professional Profile

Personal & Professional Profile

I am a passionate dedicated person with deep belief of multi-cultures & diversity. My personality combines a mixture of professionalism, leadership, easygoingness, cheerfulness and uplifted spirits. Coming from a structured programming and project management backgrounds, leading or contributing within projects is merely part of a day’s work. Overall, I offer a combination of soulful, vibrant, professional, and metropolitan environment.

I am seeking to share my knowledge and experience in communications and information technology, becoming a valuable asset to the organization. My role as the leading communications personal for several mega‐projects, including several international accounts, has imprinted a tangible mark on my career path.

Whilst freelancing, developing online strategies and websites, i have sharpened my skills and taught myself numerous techniques, technologies and kept up‐to‐date with the latest happenings in the field.

My aspiration for perfection and professionalism reflects a high-level of commitment and loyalty to any given assignment or task. With my unique taste and personality, outcomes are expected to be of distinctive level.



Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Faculty of Informatics and Design

Baccalaureus Technologia - Class of 2006

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

National Diploma - Class of 2005

Cape Town, South Africa

Work Experience

Work Experience

May 2013

To present day

References: Jameel Noor

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)

Account Manager

Working at the Business Engagement department. The role focused on managing and maintaining the business demand, on a bank-wide level, with Information Technology (IT), Policy & Procedure, Business Analysis, and Business Process Re-engineering teams. It involved understanding the demand, assembling and assigning the required teams and ensuring satisfaction of delivery.

I managed a number of business areas within the bank, namely; Retail, Digital Channels, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management and Capital Banking (NCBC).

May 2013

January 2012

References: Saleh Saleh

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)

IT Portfolio Project Manager

Working at the Project Management Office (PMO) within IT. The role focused on Technology (IT) based deliverables. It included managing the portfolio, monitoring activities, maintaining accuracy / health, issuing periodical reports (aimed at CIO & Higher Management Committees), and ad-hoc reporting. My role focused on the Technology deliverables of the Corporate Banking in addition to the Capital Banking.

December 2011

July 2010

References: Samer Bahsas
Kaswara Al Khatib

GO Digital

Business Operations & Development Manager

Heading the operations and development departments of the agency. I had two teams reporting directly to me, Client Servicing and Development. My role included, but was not limited to the following;

  • Seeking prospect clients and locking deals
  • Scouting potential employees and conduct interviews
  • Forming and maintaining relations with vendors and service providers
  • Develop team member skills
  • Developing digital strategies and online campaigns
  • Developing social marketing campaigns
  • Managing quality and integrity of deliverables (from a design and artistic perspective, in addition to coding)
  • Work closely with BTL agencies to act as their digital arm preparing pitch presentations

June 2010

Present Day

References: Visit MA7ALLY

Co-Founder / Head of development

MA7ALLY or محلي is a fully functional online store. The idea came about in 2010, when a group of 4 individuals, including myself, decided to run our own e-commerce store and sell imported gadgets. The site has evolved beyond that since. It now enables anyone to create their own store on the site and sell their own products.

My role varied, but I mainly worked on the development and deployment of the beta, 1st and 2nd versions. By the time we reached the 3rd, we had a developer working for us. I also developed the brand and identity (Logo, color scheme, templates, brand manual...etc.). In addition, I handled all online advertising and campaigns.

June 2010

May 2009

References: Hytham Najjar

BPCom BTL Production Services

Co-Founder / Operation Manager

During my time at Blueprint, i created a sub-agency aimed at providing printing and production services to clients who wish only to receive such service. Since Blueprint was a specialised agency and only works with Real Estate clients, we managed to secure a large number of non-real estate based clients and serve them.

My role included locking deals, managing the relationship with clients, issuing estimates/invoices, and prepping annual plans. The sub-agency later on became a standalone agency.

July 2010

May 2007

References: Rakan Tarabzoni

Blueprint Communications

Senior Communication Executive (Account Manager)

I had several key accounts to manage, including but not limited to accounts from Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE. My main focus was a major local project in Jeddah.

My tasks varied from preparing and planning all project needs; annual marketing plans, budgetary plans, marketing strategies, relationship management, meeting deadlines, delivering creative solution, brand building and brand research, brand analysis, online media recommendations, crisis management and preparing creative presentations and presenting them to clients.


Blueprint Communications

Communication Executive (Junior Account Manager)

Blueprint, a startup at the time, was a specialised advertising agency which focused on the Real Estate industry. I joined as Junior Account Manager, shadowing my superiors to learn the trade and gather the know-how. I did not manage any account solely at my early months there. However, later on I managed small accounts on my own.

My role involved meeting up with clients, minting up meetings, understanding & writing client requirements, briefing the design team on the client requests, preparing presentations, issuing estimates and invoices, connect with media buyers and suppliers.

December 2006

February 2006

References: Retha De La Harpe

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Assistant ORACLE Database Administrator & Junior Lecturer

Manage & maintain specific ORACLE databases on campus.

To teach and assist students (across all years) with courses i have already completed. Mainly focused on 3rd year students. In some classes, I was substituting the lecturer in some classes. My area of teaching was Oracle Database Fundamentals, C#, and interfaces & application usability.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills

Online media strategies & development

During my free-time i develop holistic online media strategies. This includes website development, SEO directions, social media recommendations, analytics services, email campaigns management/executions (not including mailing lists) and sharing latest trends and technologies. I am and have been always a fan of online tools. Most of my work done are through technologies that are out there and has proven to be working effectively.


Aside from the above, i also do brand analysis and or development and offer some consultation services to small business that requires them. I also serve BPCOM, a former employer and a creation of mine, some consoling services as a honorary board member.

Creative Presentations

My passion for interfaces, user experience and layout development have led me to develop creative and unconventional presentations for some client, granted i do use your usual tools (PowerPoint & Keynote) i make sure that information and data presented are eye-catchy and will ensure audience engagement

Web Development - HTML / CSS
Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop
Presentation Skills
Design & Interfaces
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